Fablehaven - Brandon Mull
Sister and brother, Kendra and Seth, are going to visit their grandparents for seventeen days while their parents are away on a cruise.Kendra and Seth have never spent spent much time with their father's parents and this is the first time ever visiting their house. They arrive to find their grandfather there, but there grandmother is away. Their grandfather doesn't give them many rules. He only says they must stay out of the forest and the barn. Kendra finds a book called "Journal of Secrets" and tells her to "Drink the milk." Seth and Kendra both drink the milk and find a whole new amazing world at Fablehaven. Fairies fly through the yard and the woods are filled with magical creatures. However, something happens that will put both Kendra and Seth to the test. Will they be able to put a stop to what's happening at Fablehaven?It took me reading a chapter into this book to really get into it. The story is wonderful, I really do love the magical feeling of it all. Kendra and Lena are probably my favorite characters in the book, I like the grandparents as well and Seth was just a bit annoying with all the things he did in the book. He really didn't listen at all. I've read some different reviews about this book comparing it to other fantasy series like Harry Potter and while Harry Potter is amazing in it's own right, Fablehaven, too, is something all it's own. This is a really neat magical, fantasy book and I recommended it to anyone who loves fantasy and books full of magic.