If You Come Softly - Jacqueline Woodson
Jeremiah is a smart young black man who attends the school Percy. One day Jeremiah bumps into a new student named Ellie, who is a white girl. Ellie and Jeremiah were instantly attracted to one another and couldn't stop thinking of each other since that day. Ellie and Jeremiah eventually become friends and that friendship turns into something more. They fall in love. She's white and he's black, but that doesn't matter to them. They still hear the whispers, see the strange looks they get and the remarks. It might upset them, but they refuse to let that tear them apart. Jeremiah and Ellie are more worried about the reaction their families will have about their relationship. Ellie is especially worried about her family, but something terrible happens before Jeremiah gets the chance to meet Ellie's family.This book was recommended to me by a friend and I am so happy that she recommended it to me. It's a beautiful love story about an interracial couple. It's so touching and the ending is very sad. It is very well-written and the two characters are truly in love. It was just a really, really great book. There is also a sequel to the book called Behind You which I'm looking forward to reading.