Haunted Waters - Mary Pope Osborne
The book starts off with the main character, Lord Huldebrand, riding through the woods on his horse. Huldedbrand was on his way to meet with the duke and saw the opening to the woods. He couldn't help, but want to explore it. Huldebrand became lost in the woods and while trying to find his way out he runs into something. To him, it looks like a demon. It's standing right ahead of him, in the woods. He was so frightened that he yelled and his horse began to run. He tried to stop the horse, but eventually he fell off. After falling off and laying there for awhile he see's a fisherman. The fisherman asks Lord Huldebrand to come and stay at his house. Huldebrand accepts the man's offer and comes home with him. Huldebrand see's the fisherman has a wife and a daughter. Undine was the daughter's name. Huldebrand was overwhelmed by the sight of her. The next few days that he stayed at their house; he watched. She was kind of strange with the things she did. Undine's favorite thing was to swim. But, as strange as she was, Huldebrand couldn't help liking her. The more the days go on he realizes just how much he likes her and feels sad by the thought of leaving and going back to his world. How could he ever go back to his life after knowng Undine? He didn't want to leave without her. Without seeing her, hearing her voice. Undine knows how Huldebrand feels and agrees to marrying him.Their life together starts off very good, but Huldebrand realizes strange things happening. Like something or someone is following them. This book is inspired by the german fairy tale called Undine. I borrowed this book from the library because I thought that it sounded interesting, but it was even better than I thought it would be. I got sucked into the book and read it all in one day.This is an amazing story of love, and terror. It will suck you in and keep you reading because you want to find out what is going to happen next. It sucked me in, and now this book is one of my favorites.