The Hunt For Atlantis  - Andy McDermott
Archaeologist Nina Wilde for most of her life and career has wanted to prove the existence of Atlantis. Like her parents, Nina believes Atlantis is no myth. In fact, her parents had went searching for Atlantis and the search ended up claiming their lives.But, now Nina believes she knows the exact location of Atlantis and Nina proposes her findings to the University. She is devastated when the University rejects the proposal.While at home, going over in her head what had happened that day and trying to understand why her proposal was rejected, she gets a phone call and finds out that billionaire Kristian Frost wants to fund her search for Atlantis. Nina Instantly jumps on the offer.Nina meets Kari Frost, Kristian Frost's daughter, and Eddie Chase, who is Nina's bodyguard. Together, with a few of Eddie's friends, the Frosts' resourses and money, they set off to search for Atlantis.I won this from a goodreads giveaway and I can say this book had me sucked in an instant. Eddie Chase is great, he is not your typical hero and that is a good change for once. He's not the best looking, his manners aren't very good all the time and he's probably to sarcastic, but overall he's a really good guy. I like his character, it was a nice change from the normal hero. I like Nina too. She's not a fighter and doesn't like weapons much or killing people, but she is very smart! Can figure out puzzle very quickly. Nina isn't a tough girl or a girly girl and I found to have really liked her character.I thought this story was done very well. The writing was good, lots of detail and the story definitely keeps you reading. I thought it was kind of surprising to find out who the actual bad guys were. I know I'm going to be reading the other books in this series.