The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin - Patrick Doud
Elwood Pitch is a 13 year old boy who goes for a walk in the woods with his dog, Slukee. In this new, strange city, Elwood has no friends in his new school and he choose not to make any. Elwood misses his old town, his old home and friends. He's upset with his family for deciding to move. Elwood often walks with Slukee in the woods, but this time is different. He feels a presence, like someone else is there. He came upon an area in the woods he had never seen before. Things began to change, blurry, but still keeping their shapes, colors swirling. When it stopped, Elwood and Slukee were somewhere different. Elwood then meets Drallah Winhr and her raven, Booj. Elwood was somehow transported to another world. Now in order to save Drallah's land and return to his, Elwood, along with his new friends, must find the Eye of Ogin so the Dread of Granashon can be restored to Winnitok.This book took me a little while to get into, but I continued reading it and really, really enjoyed it. I love characters, Elwood and Drallah were both great. The world Ehm, the story setting had a very Native American feel to it, which I liked very much. The story was fantastic and very original too. Going to other worlds in books, of course, has been done before, but there were many other things in the book that were original and made it a very enjoyable reading experience. I won this book from a goodreads giveaway.