The Awakening and The Struggle - L.J. Smith
Elena is popular, has lots of friends and is the girl every guy in school wants. Elena's first day back at school she sees the new guy, Stefan. She has an instant atrraction to Stefan and is determined to have him. But, when he ignores her she doesn't understand what she's doing wrong. Elena is so used to guys paying attention to her that the fact Stefan is ignoring, and avoiding her, it really bothers her.Elena eventually confronts Stefan about why he has been avoiding her. Elena and Stefan begin dating. Elena is happy, but can tell Stefan is not completely happy. She doesn't know why and strange things are happening. Stefan eventually tells her his secrets and as much as she wants to run, she can't leave him.Things become stranger when Damon shows up. Soon Elena is caught up in a world she doesn't know and things are changing so fast. She has to keep so many secrets from her friends, family and even Stefan.I haven't read many vampire books, but I loved this book. I decided to read this because I watch the show and enjoy it. I love the show, but this book was amazing too.Elena is a character that is a bit annoying at first, she's just the usual popular girl or so you think. But, there is much more to Elena than that and she really evovles through the 2 books and becomes a very likeable character.Stefan is great too, he's sweet and really seems to love Elena. Damon...Well, he's a bad guy and I'm not sure if there is another side to him yet. I also like Elena's friends. Bonnie is awesome.When I read this I couldn't put the book down and I very much liked the first two books in the series. Now I can't wait to read the rest.