Wild Robert - Diana Wynne Jones, Mark Zug
Heather lives with her parents at Castlemaine and her parents are also the caretakers and tourguides of Castlemaine. Heather would love to live at Castlemaine if it wasn't for every Summer many tourists come. To get away from all tourists and noise, Heather heads off to one of her secret spots in the castle only to find more tourists there.Heather goes off upset and to the only other secret spot she knows. The mound near the woods, and she has been told that is the grave of Wild Robert, who was a magician 350 years ago. When Heather gets to the mound she calls out for Wild Robert and asks for help to get rid of the tourists. This is a book you can read in one sitting, but it is a very fun read. Altough it seems that there might be more to this story. Maybe one day there will be a sequel to this book, who knows. But it is a very enjoyable short story that is full of laughs. I know I really liked it.