Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones

Sophie Hatter, the eldest of three daughters, lives in the town of Chipping Market which is in the kingdom of Ingary. Sophie is very good with the needle, she makes beautiful hats and dresses. Sophie works in the Hat Shop with her two sisters, Lettie and Martha, and her stepmother, Fanny.


Eventually when Sophie's two sisters move out and find their own careers, she accepts the fact that being the eldest means you will have a very uninteresting life and she will not be able to seek her fortune. With her sisters gone Sophie is left to run the shop with her stepmother. Sophie is usually left running the shop on her own most of the time. With no one there to talk to, but hats, that's what she does; talk to the hats.


One day Sophie is tired of her life, tired of being the eldest and not being able to seek her fortune. She's left to run the shop alone again when a very rude woman comes in and asks for a hat. Every hat she hands the woman, the woman doesn't seem to like it. Sophie is tired of putting up with everything; she insults the woman and the woman responds with turning Sophie into a very old woman. With nothing to lose, Sophie soon leaves the hat shop and goes to seek her fortune. Sophie ends up becoming a housekeeper for the Wizard Howl, who is known for eating the hearts of young girls.


I first discovered Howl's Moving Castle in May of 2009 after watching the movie. I had never heard of Diana Wynne Jones before. But after seeing the movie I was eager to read the book. I think it took me four days to read and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Those four days I couldn't wait to wake up and read more of Sophie's adventure.


Since reading Howl's Moving Castle, I have read quite a few other books by Diana Wynne Jones. She is wonderful and I owe her a lot. After reading Howl's Moving Castle I began to want to write again. I used to write stories when I was younger. But, just stopped one day. Diana Wynne Jones inspired me to write again. And now I'm writing my own fantasy book trilogy.


Thanks to Diana Wynne Jones - And Howl's Moving Castle - I'm doing what I love again.Howl's Moving Castle is a wonderful, funny story with great characters. I highly recommend this book, to anyone and everyone. Actually I recommend any book by Diana Wynne Jones. She is an amazing author and I wish that more people knew about her.



***May 2014 Reread***

This month it has officially been five years since I read Howl's Moving Castle and became a fan of the wonderful Diana Wynne Jones.

I decided to celebrate five years of being a fan by rereading this book, which is one of my all time favorites. And writing a post on my blog about each chapter. I'll put the links in this review, but just be warned, there will be spoilers.

Howl's Moving Castle was just as wonderful as I remember. I still think Sophie is an amazing character. This is just a wonderful, magical story. This will always be one of my favorite books.

Below are the links to my blog posts.

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