The Haunting - Joan Lowery Nixon
Lia's great-grandmother has recently died, but before she died she told Lia about Graymoss. Graymoss is to go to Lia's mother, but Lia's great-grandmother warns to never go to Graymoss because of the terrible evil that haunts the seemingly peaceful plantation.Lia's parents do not believe in ghosts and so they don't believe in the stories of the hauntings of Graymoss. Even after reading the diary of an ancestor who once lived in the house and experienced it's evils they still don't believe. Her parents still wants to move into the house and adopt children that people don't want because they are too old.Lia does believe the stories. And although she doesn't really want to move to Graymoss, but is going to be made to anyway she decides it has to be her to finally stop the evil that has been haunting the house for so long.This book was very, very good. I finished it in about a day and it was one of those books that I just couldn't put down. Even though Lia might seem a bit selfish at first, I did like her. She turned out to be a lot braver than the rest of the women in her family.It was intense and the descriptions of the hauntings were creepy. It was a wonderful mystery, I really enjoyed it.