The Dragon Twins - F.A. Ludwig
Sara is from America and Kasumi is a japanese princess. When their paths meet nothing will never be the same for either girl.I won this from a goodreads giveaway. I thought the story for this book sounded really good and that is why I entered to win the book. I think the idea that two girls, each from a different country, meet and become such good friend that they have a sister like bond is a good idea for a story. Even the fact that Kasumi is hired to protect Sara from the man who is trying to kill her is good.I'm not sure, but I think this is supposed to be a YA book and it doesn't seem much like YA to me. The two main characters are 17, but there is just some things that don't seem YA to me. This probably would have been better suited as an adult book.I wouldn't say the book is bad, the story is very interesting, but it needs work and some things need to be changed. If the author works on it and changes some stuff I think it could make a good book.