The Prism of Ashlai - Christine E. Schulze
Ashlei's faith in Amiel isn't as strong as it should be and she's not sure why she was appointed to be the 'Ashlei', the leader of this quest for the glass shards.But along the way, Ashlei meets many great people who she comes to call her friends. Aryl, Gail and the rest of the Six are there when Ashlei needs them and they give her support even when she is unsure of herself. The quest is long and tiring, but with her friends, Ashlei knows that they can defeat Rachendorf.This book was great. I'm not sure which characters I like best; they all were great and unique. It was pretty funny some of the things that happened between Aryl and Mandolin. Gail and Chamblin's picking on each other was quite entertaining too. But, the love the characters had for each other was touching. It was just a ton of things that made this a great story.