Hamster Magic - Lynne Jonell, Brandon Dorman
The Willow family has moved and the children aren't too thrilled about it. They now live in a house out in the country where there is no other children to play with.And the only pet they have is a hamster. It's actually the third one they've had and if they don't take care of this hamster there will be no chance for a dog.The youngest child, Celia, notices there is something very different about this hamster from the previous ones. And when the hamster escapes they find out just how different he is. This hamster grants wishes!But, while deciding on what to wish for, Celia gets tired of being ignored and wishes to be big. However, the wish doesn't quite turn out how she wanted it to.This was a really fun and delightful book. Although I know this is for kids, it kept me reading and wanting to know what happens next. I really enjoyed this and I'm sure any kids would enjoy it as well. Magical, talking hamsters and wishes gone wrong, what more could you ask for?