Tiger Eyes - Judy Blume
Davey is 15 years old and lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Her whole life changes in one night when her father is shot to death in his store.After her father's death, Davey just isn't the same. She lays in bed all day, for days on end and even doesn't bath sometimes. But when Davey's aunt Bitsy and unlce Walter offer for them to come and spend sometime with them in Los Alamos, Davey's mother takes them up on their offer.The book started out slow and I wasn't really getting into the story. But maybe after around page 30 I really started to get into the story and really into Davey's head. When you read Tiger Eyes it's almost like you become Davey and can feel every emotion she is feeling, you can completely understand everything she is going through. I liked Davey, she was real, flawed and could be just like anyone you know.Davey's mother, I did feel bad for her and Davey's brother was goofy, in a very sweet way. Her aunt and uncle, however, I found annoying. I know they were well-meaning and all, but I think they kind of went overboard.I liked the book, though. At first I thought I wasn't going to like it because I wasn't getting into, but the further it went the better it got and I really enjoyed it. The book is full of emotion and very relatable characters. Los Alamos also sort of sounds like the town I live in, with people who are the same way. Lived there all their lives and are afraid to leave or do anything. I was actually surprised that Los Alamos was so similar to my town and I could completely understand Davey didn't want to live there.And Wolf . . . . I liked him a lot. He was mysterious and you didn't know too much about him, but he was a good character and I kind of wish his part was bigger in the book. But then I know in life there are people who come into our lives for a short while to teach us something and I think Wolf was that person for Davey.In short, I thought the book was great.