Welcome to Dead House - R.L. Stine
Amanda and Josh move to Dark Falls when their father is informed of a great-uncle's passing and his old house is given to him. Their parents are very excited about moving into this big house and it is free!Amanda and Josh, however, aren't too thrilled about this new house or town. Amanda tries to give it more of a chance, unlike Josh who wants to just go back home.But strange things start to happen. Amanda sees and hears stuff in her room. And when their dog, Petey, goes missing, Josh and Amanda find out the town's secret.I've never read a Goosebumps book before, but wow . . . This was good! It was exciting, suspenseful and filled with action. It has some parts that might gross people out, like Amanda's dream and another part. I didn't think it was too bad, though. It wasn't really scary, but it did have a creepy feel to it and you in a way, felt like Amanda and Josh felt. Like them, you knew there was something wrong with the house, but the parents wouldn't listen and that was a bit annoying. I really liked this book and although it didn't scare me, it still felt creepy. It seems that R.L. Stine's writing can even creep out adults.