The Lives of Christopher Chant (Chrestomanci, #4) - Diana Wynne Jones
Christopher Chant is a boy with a magical family, but Christopher himself seems to have no magical abilities. He does, however, have one special skill. Whenever he sleeps, he can go to other worlds.Christopher sees this as normal and thinks it is nothing special. But Christopher finds out his gift is unique and he has something even more unique about him yet.Just like it says on the cover of the book, it is an adventure-filled book! I enjoyed this book so much. It was fun and exciting, a story filled with so much magic. And of course, many of the characters have magical powers and yet that just seems so normal. Diana Wynne Jones has a way of writing about magic and making it seem as if it were an every day thing. It's not surprising or shocking, it just is. And I suppose that is why I love her books.This book was no different, I loved it and it had everything in it that made me enjoy Charmed Life. I recommend this book, and all of Diana Wynne Jones' other books, to anyone who enjoys fantasy.