The Making of a Writer - Joan Lowery Nixon
The Making of a Writer is about Joan Lowery Nixon's childhood and teenage years and what influenced her to become a writer.Joan lived with both her parents and grandparents in the same home. From an early age she loved to read, as did other members of her family, and she fondly remembers grabbing pictures books, going to her grandfather and climbing into his lap so they could read them together.She loved listening to the stories her parents and grandparents told.When Joan was a child there was no television. There were books and the radio. She loved listening to the radio shows. One of her favorites was The Lone Ranger and later she found I Love A Mystery which is what sparked her own interest in writing mysteries.At age 10 she had one of her poems published by a children's magazine and she was so excited to see her poem, and name, in print. It was then she knew she would be a writer.Joan had a happy childhood living with her parents, siblings and grandparents. She found ways to entertain herself and others. She put on plays and soon her whole family joined in.It was many events through out her childhood and teenage years that influenced and helped to develop Joan as a writer. Through things, like putting on plays when she was young, learned that you had to use the right dialogue to grab the audience and keep them interested.Joan went to college for journalism and eventually sold her first article to a magazine. It then she knew she had made it. She was a published writer!Mrs. Nixon tells the story of her life and path to becoming a writer in great detail and confidence. The way she writes of her memories of her family and events early in her life is incredible. The Making of a Writer is a good read for anyone who writes. It gives you advice about writing, but not how to write a book or a mystery. If that is what you're looking for than this is the wrong book for you.There are books that tell you how to write or how you should write, but that doesn't mean they are actually very helpful.And then there are books like this that are inspiring, encouraging and insightful. Writing is not something that someone can tell you how to do. It is a self-taught craft and it is up to you to find your style, your own voice in writing.But I think Joan does a good job of giving advice about writing and encouraging those that want to write.I personally love this book. It was a positive and inspiring read. I took a lot from it and what I learned will be very helpful in my own writing. I recommend this to anyone that likes to write.