Castle In The Sky, Volume 1 - Hayao Miyazaki,  Yuji Oniki (Translator)
Castle In The Sky Volume 1 is about Sheeta, a young girl who wears a blue stone around her neck that allows her to defy gravity. Sheeta meets Pazu. Sheeta falls from the airship and Pazu saves her. Sheeta is being chased by the goverment, who are trying to use her to gain power and pirates who are looking for treasure. Sheeta runs away when the goverment and Pirates have found her. Pazu follows her and that's when their adventure begins.This, of course, is based on the movie. It is a four part manga series, but it is a bit different from other manga. The artwork is in color and also there isn't much to read like you might find in other manga, but it is still a nice book to have. I liked it, the artwork is beautiful and it really reminded me of how great the movie is.