Freaks: Alive, on the Inside! - Annette Curtis Klause
Abel Dandy is the only normal person at Faeryland. He doesn't seem to have one odd thing about him - and although he has grown up around these people, he suddenly doesn't feel like he belongs.Abel decides it's time for him to leave and find his fortune. But the world outside Faeryland is quite tough and Abel feels even more alone and like he doesn't belong than before. The only thing that seems to give him a bit of comfort is his dreams of a beautiful dancing girl from Egypt.On Abel's adventure to find his fortune, he instead finds mishaps and something - or perhaps someone - he thought he had left behind. Finally Abel finds a freak show run by a man named Dr. Mink and hopes that he might be able to use his talent of knife throwing. But Abel soon learns that this freak show holds many dark secrets.There was so much going on this book, whether it was bad or good. Something was always happening and I was always eager to turn the next page to find out what was going to happen next.I think all the characters in this book are memorable, even the bad guys. I really liked a lot of the characters, even the ones labeled as freaks. They were actually my favorite. Sure, they didn't look normal, but they went through struggles just like anyone else does. I think what this book does a great job of showing is that those we call "freaks" are just like us. Maybe not in appearance, but what does appearance really matter anyway?Abel, Apollo, Mr. Ginger, Ruby Lightfoot, Bess, Mr. Bopp, Willie and so many more wonderful characters that you can't help but love and feel every emotion they feel.I also thought the story was great and full of adventure. I guess it was more like misadventure since nothing ever seemed to go Abel's way. Annette Curtis Klause definitely tells a good story and I think it really shows how much research she had done and she gets her points across quite well in this book. The author's note at the end is also wonderful.In short, great book! It's become a favorite of mine and something I'd love to read again.