The Limikkin - Lisa Beth Darling
This small book is about a girl named Brandy, who leaves home one night after another fight with her husband.I actually thought this was a good story and with some improvement on the story and writing itself, it could be a great story. It hooked me right away and that is good.I didn't like Brandy much, though. She was 25, but seemed very immature and much younger than 25. Gary I liked through out most of the story. He just seemed like a lonely, divorced man who wanted to help someone who needed help and wanted company. I didn't like him as much after I found out the real reason why his wife left him.Also the sex between Gary and Brandy seemed out of place andunnecessary.But with that being said, I don't think this is bad - In fact, I think it is a really creative story that with some work it could be really great.