Into the Darkness: Nineteen Tales for Telling After Midnight - Daniel   Cohen
Not all folklore is necessarily true, but it does make for great stories and some of these stories are completely terrifying.Daniel Cohen does a great job at retelling these folklore stories, some of which that have been around for years.Some of the most well-known stories in this book are The Babysitter and The Telephone, which tells the story of Janice who is babysitting again, but this night different - Phone calls from someone unknown and saying horrible things. It turns out the phone calls are coming from right inside the house.Another well-known story in this book is The Hook, about the man with a hook for a hand.I enjoy reading folklore and I do believe some of it is true, like the stories about phantom hitchhikers and such. But even if some of it isn't true, they definitely make for great stories. Once again Daniel Cohen writes another wonderful and terrifying book. I recommend it to anyone interested in folklore.