Tell Me a Tale: A Book about Storytelling - Joseph Bruchac
Storytelling is a really wonderful art and I know I love to hear a good story. In this book, Joseph Bruchac tells different steps and activities to improve your storytelling. He also tells the most important things of storytelling - Listen, Observe, Remember and Share.Stories, I believe, are a important part of life. They can help us to learn and grow as a person - through stories, we can find out so much about ourselves.In my own way, I am a bit of a storyteller, but in a different way. I write and I love doing that. Writing is what I want to do with my life and I believe I have many good stories to share with the world. But I also appreciate oral storytelling. There is just something about hearing a story. It's special, much in the way reading a good book is.There are also a number of good and memorable stories Joseph Bruchac tells in this book - I know I will remember many of them. I enjoyed the stories in the book and feel they have become a part of me now.Truly, this is a wonderful book about storytelling. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a storyteller, or anyone who is a writer like myself.