Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet: And the Chreokee Alphabet - Robert Cwiklik
This is a biography of Sequoyah, the man who made it possible for the Cherokees to read and write. Some parts of the story was reimagined to make it flow better and make it interesting.This biography tells of Sequoyah's life growing up and how he came up with the idea to make it possible for his people to read and write. The book, though for younger people, is very informative on his life, the Cherokees and as well as what was happening to them at the time.Some parts of it were shocking to read as there was some violence. In a way, it can make you angry and sad to think that our country was once this time and treated Native Americans so terribly. I can tell you, when I was in school, there wasn't any of this in the history books about Native Americans. Of course, there is talk of the first thanksgiving, but even the story they teach of that in school is not the true.The truth is, a lot of Native Americans suffered, as well as Africans and many, many other immigrants that came from Europe suffered as they, too, were enslaved.It is sad to think this is how our country started and this book tells a lot of the things that happened to Native Americans, especially the Cherokee because Sequoyah was part Cherokee.This book explains what Sequoyah did for his people by making a way for them to read and write; the Cherokee were able to keep their own voice by being able to read and write their language.I thought this book was actually really good. Although this is for younger people, I think all ages could read this and learn from it. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in learning some about Sequoyah and people who want to learn some history of Native Americans.