A Wizard's Dozen: Stories of the Fantastic - Michael Stearns, Patricia C. Wrede, Alan P. Smale, Jane Yolen
This book is filled with stories of fantasy by some very good and well known auithors. I enjoyed the book, but not as much as I thought. Some of the stories I couldn't get into and the ending of one of the stories just really annoyed me.However, there are definitely some gems in this book. The first story The Sixty-two Curses of Caliph Arenschadd by Patricia C. Wrede is a creative, unique and wonderful story.Fairy Dust by Charles de Lint (Author) is a good story and is about how important it is to step in when we see something that is wrong going on.The Princess Who Kicked Butt by Will Shetterly is just seriously funny. The Queen's Mirror, With His Head Tucked Underneath His Arm and Harlyn's Fairy are a few others I enjoyed as well as the final story in the book called Faith by Sherwood Smith.Overall, it was a pretty good book with some okay stories and some really wonderful stories.