The Princess Test - Gail Carson Levine, Mark Elliott
Lorelei is quite accident prone and seems to be always getting sick. Her mother always cares for her, but when she passes away, Lorelei's father hires a woman named Trudy to look after her while he is gone. After awhile, Trudy wants to get rid of Lorelei because she just can't stand her. But how is she going to get rid of Lorelei?And by chance, prince Nicholas comes across Lorelei and takes a great liking to her. So it works out for them when the prince must marry and Lorelei shows up to the castle and pretends to be a princess. But she just hopes she can pass the tests.This was a really charming book. An easy and fun read. I liked the ending and thought it was quite a nice book. Trudy, however, wasn't very nice. That is probably the only character who annoyed me. But it was still a good book.