The Forgotten Door - Alexander Key
Jon doesn't remember what happened, or who he is, or much of anything for that matter. But he knows he is somewhere strange. When Jon comes upon the Bean family who takes him in, he realize just how strange of a place this is, and that he is not from here. He's from another world, but has no idea how he got here or how to get back.Trouble starts when Mr. Pitts says he is the boy he caught one night and soon the whole town is full of stories of the 'wild boy'. Things become worse when people start coming after Jon to take him away from the Beans. What will Jon and the Bean family do? Will Jon make it back to his world?When I first started reading this, I couldn't get into it. But after the first chapter it gets really interesting. You want to know more about Jon, where he's from and what it's like there. It is apparently a lot different than our world and honestly sounds like a wonderful place. I wish I lived there!Jon is confused by the many things the people in our world do; the need for money, killing and the feelings of hate and anger that others so often show. These feelings plus those of fear Jon learns a lot about because he is different and people - except for the Bean family - do not like him and it is because he is different. I think the book shows a lot of what really goes on in our world. People are often afraid of what's different, and without really getting to know it - or a person - they start to hate and attack. Although this book is from the 1960s, it still shows a lot of how our world is today.I thought the book was really good - and characters such as Jon, the Bean family, Miss Josie are very likeable. The story is suspenseful, you don't want anything bad happening to Jon or the Bean family, but yet they are going through so much and you aren't sure what exactly is going to happen.I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. It's definitely something I'd read again.