The Secret of the Old Clock  - Carolyn Keene
After delivering some papers to her father, Nancy Drew is driving on a country road and spots a young girl almost getting hit by a van. She goes to the girl's rescue when she falls into the water.Nancy takes the young girl into her aunt's house and after some talking, Nancy learns that the family doesn't have very much money and that they were supposed to get an inheritance from Josiah Crowley. Nancy decides to take the mystery into her own hands.This is my first time ever reading a Nancy Drew book and I wasn't disappointed. I've heard a lot about the Nancy Drew books and what really drove me to read this was an article I read about strong female characters. Someone recommended Nancy Drew and I decided it was time for me to give the series a try.This wasn't the best mystery I've ever read, but it quite enjoyable and I can see why the books had such an impact. It was a fun mystery and I look forward to reading more mysteries featuring Nancy Drew.