Bloodmaiden - Christine E. Schulze
Bloodmaiden is set in Tynan, one of the four dynasties ruled by dragons. However, for the past 66 years something horrible has been happening in Tynan.Crisilin is the new Quelda and she is newly wed to Chalom. The two are in love and so happy to be together, but Crisilin knows that fate that lies ahead for them. In a year, they will be killed and another Quelda will be chosen.With help from Crislin's aunt they are able to escape. Now they must go to the three other dragon dynasties and seek their Aria, which will restore peace between the humans and dragons in Tynan.I really liked the storyline. I thought Crislin, Chalom and the rest were all good characters. Through the story, you really want them to get all of the Arias for their cause. You can feel each character's pain and how they have been affected by the Tynan dynasty's actions. So, of course you're rooting for them to be able to restore peace.aAnd I love the fact that there were dragons in the book. It was a neat idea to have dragons and humans living together.In short, this is a great book and anyone who loves fantasy would enjoy it.