Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress - Christine E. Schulze
Chrystine was born was with the golden thumb and toe, which is rare. She wants to become a healer and has to deal with her abusive, drunken father. And then she meets him: Aaryn. She likes him, but their relationship doesn't go beyond friendship because Aaryn told Chrystine he only likes her as a friend.Then one night Aaryn tells her many things about himself - and herself - that she couldn't believe. How could she be the Golden Healer? And Aaryn a vampire, but she never knew? Now she must somehow find a way to defeat the Dark Enchantress.I haven't read many vampire books. Only a few as most don't really interest me very much, but I really liked the storyline in this book. It's a different take on vampires that I like very much. Their skin being able to change different colors and the good ones not having to drink blood because they have a special elixir - it's all really cool, to be quite honest.The characters are likeable and I like how Aaryn and Chrystine's relationship develops. They are very careful with each other and do not rush things, but you can tell they care a great deal for one another. I think people who are into vampire books will like this. It's definitely a refreshing and unique take on vampires.