When The Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales Of Terror - Joseph Bruchac, James Bruchac
Joseph Bruchac and his son, James Bruchac, together wrote this wonderful collection of tales of monsters from Native American myths, legends and stories.It is explained in the beginning of the book, that many of these stories were used to teach children lessons and scare them so they wouldn't go near places such as water and fall in.I'm sure most people wouldn't find these stories very scary, but if you read them and really imagine the monsters as they are described, things begin to feel a bit creepy.In this collection of tales you will find stories of a Man Bear, a cannibal monster, Stone Giants, Ugly Face and many more.This is a very interesting book, very well written and easy to read with lots of great stories. It is a perfect read for Halloween and anyone interested in Native American stories of monsters.