White Girl - Sylvia Olsen
Josie is comfortable with her life. She knows what to expect from her friends, her mom and everything else. She likes her life the way it is. But when Josie's mom comes home one night and says that she has fallen in love with a real 'ponytail indian' named Martin, that comes as quite a surprise.But her mom is happy and this is the first time she has really seen her mom smile so she figures this guy is good for her. But when they marry and Josie has to move to the reserve with her mom, she isn't too thrilled about the man in her mom's life.When I read the first few pages I didn't really like it. I thought Josie was immature and even slightly racist, as was her family. But I kept reading and really began to like the book.Josie, at times, could be immature and wasn't very understanding about her mom marrying Martin. When it came to that, Josie was really only worried about herself and how her life would change. But as the book went on, Josie's life changed and she changed too. She wasn't really a bad person, but just being like how we can all be at times.On the reserve Josie came to notice her 'whiteness' as it was always pointed out to her and I really relate to that. I've never lived on a reserve or anything, but when I was a teenager it was always pointed out to me that my skin was white and my life was so good. So I could relate to Josie in that way.Rose, Josie's friend, was a good character too. She and Josie had more in common than they thought. And there was Martin and his son Luke. I liked them both. Martin definitely had his share of issues, but it just made him real.There was Grandma (Martin's mom). She was such a sweet character. She was so accepting of Josie, her mom and the marriage. I wish more people in real life could be like her and I wish I had a grandma like her.And there was Josie's mom. Through out pretty much the whole book I didn't really like her. She didn't really seem like a mom, didn't like to make decisions and in some ways lived her life in fear. At the very end she starts to change a little and becomes more likeable.And Jeb was just awesome. Loved his character.This book was really wonderful. I'm half Native American myself and I thought it was interesting to see how things could be on a reserve in canada, how people there handle race issues. I think this book just really shows people are not so different from each other and maybe what we think about others is just a misunderstanding, that if we got to know one another we would see we're alike in so many ways.But I have to say that I didn't want the book to end. I wanted it to keep going and know what happened after that first year at the reserve? What happened between Zeb and Josie? It was just such a good book that I want to know even more about the characters lives. Highly recommended.