Tears of a Vampire Prince - Christine E. Schulze
In this book we learn about Aaryn before he met Chrystine and he became the first vampire.When the Dark Enchantress turned him into a vampire, he refused to do evil deeds for her and build her the army she wanted. So Aaryn fleed, but sometimes could not control his cravings for blood and sexual energy. Aaryn became a Prince of the Night and joined others who were like him.But then he met her - a Veela named Krystine and she was different, she was special. He protected her from the other Princes and even protecting Krystine from himself. I read The Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress and really enjoyed it. So I was looking forward to reading this book. In Tears of a Vampire Prince we learn much more about Aaryn and his life before Chrystine. We get to meet Krystine, a sweet and innocent Veela who loves and cares greatly for Aaryn.Tears of a Vampire Prince is much darker than the other books I've read by Christine E. Schulze, but it's still wonderful and shows how talented of a writer Christine E. Schulze.I really enjoyed this book - it has action, adventure, romance and much sadness. I truly feel bad for Aaryn and all the heart break he's endured.But it is a great book and if you're into vampires, you should give this book a read.