Looking for Lost Bird: A Jewish Woman Discovers Her Navajo Roots - Yvette Melanson, Claire Safran
This is the true story of Yvette Melanson, a woman who along with her twin was stolen as a baby. She was adopted and raised by a Jewish family. She was loved, taken care of and taken to dance classes and piano lessons by her adoptive mother. Yvette had always questioned where she came from her, but her life was good and she was happy.But then at age 13 her adoptive mother passes away. Rejection and grief follow. Yvette goes out on her own, going to Israel, joining the army and eventually meeting her husband, Dickie.But for her whole life, Yvette has always asked the questions "Who I am?" and "Where do I come from?". She begins to search for her birth parents using the internet. She eventually finds a woman who she learns is her sister. And Yvette also finds out that she is Navajo.Yvette's story is fascinating and I found that I couldn't put the book down. I wanted to know about Yvette, her life and her journey to find out who she is.In this book Yvette takes you on her long and tough journey to finding out who she is and where she belongs.The story is inspiring. Yvette never gave up trying to find her family. In some ways I was able to relate to Yvette, in that she was trying to learn more about her family and heritage. Some things took time for her, some things were strange and sometimes she had her doubts if she'd ever be able to fit in with the Navajo people. She worries about her husband and her daughters, they left everything behind for her to be with her family. But in the end, Yvette finds peace and finds that she along with her husband and daughters fit in, that they belong.I just thought the book was wonderful and I enjoyed every word, every page and every chapter. I'm happy that Yvette Melanson decided to share her story with others. I know I've learned and taken a lot from this book and I believe that if others read this book, they will too.