Dork Diaries 2: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl - Rachel Renée Russell
Nikki has just won the art contest at school and everything is going great. The Halloween dance is coming up and Nikki is hoping to be asked by Brandon. But her friends have other plans. They convince Nikki to sign up as the clean-up crew for the Halloween dance and none other than Mackenzie Hollister is the chairperson of the Halloween dance committee. And Nikki has a feeling this is only the beginning of things about to go wrong.I love the first book in this series and I couldn't wait to read the next. This book is also amazing and so funny. I laughed out loud at many of the parts and the drawings. I think in this book the reader gets to see a bit of a different side to Nikki. This book shows she really cares about her friends and others and she'll do whatever she can to make others happy, even if it makes having to go to four parties all in one night.