Zen Ghosts - Jon J. Muth
It's Halloween and Addy, Michael and Karl are getting their costumes ready for trick or treating. Their friend, Stillwater, shows up and tells them that after trick or treating if they wait by the stone wall he will take them to a storyteller.Once trick or treating is over, the three friends wait. Then Stillwater comes and takes them to the storyteller, who will tell them a very ghostly story full of wonder. I wasn't sure what to expect with Zen Ghosts. I knew that it looked interesting and I thought it might be a good read for Halloween. But it turned out to be better than good. It was an amazing read. The characters are fun. Addy, Michael, Karl and Stillwater are all great. I also like the costumes they chose in the book for Halloween. All are fun, interesting choices. Michael's costume was especially unique. It was a very well-written picture book with beautiful illustrations and a story that really does leave you in wonder.