Ghosts of Hershey and Vicinity - Christopher E. Wolf
This book caught my interest for a few reasons - Hershey, Pennsylvania is my hometown. I lived there until I was ten and as a paranormal investigator, I enjoy reading ghost books and learning about the hauntings in different towns/cities, states and countries.It also caught my eye because there are no other ghosts books on Hershey. This is the only one I've ever seen. The book first explains the history of Hershey and has a lot of information on Milton Hershey, the man who founded the town and the chocolate factory.The book doesn't just cover hauntings in Hershey, but also some of the towns near Hershey as well. It was an interesting book that had story I never heard of before. And I also didn't know the Hershey theatre had tours until I read this book. I know I will be going on one of the tours eventually.It was a pretty good ghost book and it's one I'd recommend for people to read.