Dollhouse Murders - Betty Ren Wright, Scholastic Inc.
Amy is 12 years old, about to be 13 and she is tired of taking care of her sister. Amy's sister, Louanna, is mentally challenged. One day at the mall, when Amy was supposed to spend the day with her friend Ellen and she was made to bring Louanna, everything goes wrong. Amy has had enough and tells her mother so.But all her mother tells her is that she is selfish, that she is cruel and she is a girl that has everything. Amy becomes so upset that she runs to her Aunt Clare, who is currently staying in Amy's great-grandparents house.Aunt Clare can tell something upset Amy and when Amy tells her what's wrong, Aunt Clare gets the idea of letting Amy staying with her for awhile. She works it out with her Amy's parents and for a few weeks Amy will be staying with her Aunt Clare, and Louanna won't be there.Amy is happy to b there and even more happy when she finds a beautiful dollhouse in the attic. It looks exactly like the house she is staying in. It turns out the dollhouse is her Aunt Clare's. It was given to her by Amy's great-grandparents.Amy is fasintated by the dollhouse and loves to look it. But then, strange things start happening. The dolls in the dollhouse are moving! Doors are opening and closing, and the dollhouse lights up all by itself. Amy can't explain the things that are going on and she is beginning to get scared.I decided to read this after reading another book by Betty Ren Wright and liking it very much. The Dollhouse Murders hooked me right away and I couldn't put it down. The first chapter is intense, Amy having a fight with her mom and you can feel the frustration she feels with her mom for not being understanding.And when we get to the dollhouse, the description of it sounds lovely and it makes you wish that you could see it. You can also feel Amy's happiness when Aunt Clare invites her to stay for awhile.As I read more and more, I got wrapped up in the mystery of the dollhouse, the mystery of what happened to Amy's great-grandparents. What is happening with the dollhouse? What is it trying to tell Amy? I didn't know the answers to these questions so I had to keep reading to find out. Overall, The Dollhouse Murders is a page turner, a wonderful intense and sometimes creepy mystery.