Invisible Indians: Native Americans in Pennsylvania - David J. Minderhout, Andrea T. Frantz
One common misconception I've found people have about Pennsylvania is that they think there are absolutely no Native Americans in Pennsylvania. I know this isn't true because I'm Native American and I live here.But the state, government and even other Native Americans in other states believe there are no American Indians living in Pennsylvania. This book, however, dispels those claims so many seem to think. The book started out as a study project by Andrea T. Frantz and her professor, David J. Minderhout. Andrea started out by going to Pow-Wows and meeting the Natives of Pennsylvania. Then they started doing surveys and interviewing the Native Americans of Pennsylvania.From their interviews, surveys, research, meetings and many other things they did, this book came into being. There are chapters on the history of American Indians in Pennsylvania, Stereotypes and myths, Spirituality and much more. In one of the chapters, it explains how the Natives of Pennsylvania have been trying to get state or federal recognition, but so far have not been able to. It also contains some parts of interviews with Native Americans from Pennsylvania on their experiences and opinions about many things. I couldn't put this book down. This book is a wonderful source of information about Native Americans in Pennsylvania. And most of all, I believe it is an important book. In Pennsylvania people believe we (American Indians) are not here. We have no reservation, the population of Natives here isn't as large compared to some states, but we are still here. If you want to know more about the Native Americans in Pennsylvania, I highly recommend this book.