Dealing with Dragons - Patricia C. Wrede
This book is about a princess named Cimorene. But, she isn't what you would call your normal princess; she wanted to fence, learn magic, learn Latin and learn to cook, but once her parents found out about all of this everything was put to a stop because it isn't proper of a princess to fence, cook, learn Latin, or learn magic.Cimorene is tired of being proper all the time. She really just wants to do what she wants and sometimes wishes she were just a normal girl instead of a princess. When Cimorene turned 16 she called upon her fairy godmother to try and ask for help, but she got the same reaction as she got from her parents.Her parents, Fairy Godmother just won't listen. They decide something must be done with her and decide she is to marry prince Therandil. Although Cimorene doesn't find this out right away, but is upset when she does. She does not want to marry prince Therandil. She doesn't even like him, but her parents tell her that she has too.Cimorene decides to run away after getting the advice of a talking frog ( Yes, I know this sounds weird, but it is a fantasy book afterall. ) She travels to Mountains of Morning, where she meets a group of a dragons and she volunteers to become a dragon's princess.This book is part of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series by Patricia C. Wrede. There is four books in total, but according to the author she might write another book in the series eventually. Dealing With Dragons is the first book in the series and I loved it. This quickly became one of my favorite books. There is some very funny parts in this book and it really reminded me somewhat of Howl's Moving Castle. You can tell the author got some of her influences from the author Diana Wynne Jones and she even says that Diana is one of her favorite authors. But, this book is very funny and a really good read. I plan on reading other books in the series as well.