A School for Sorcery - E. Rose Sabin
Tria gets an unexpected letter saying she has been accepted into a school for the magically gifted. She knows her father will say no, but her mother tells her not to worry. And Tria is excited at the thought of possibly leaving home and going to a school where she can learn magic and finally use her gifts.But when Tria gets there, it is not the school she saw in pictures. She's disappointed and wants to go home, but she knows what her father will say and she doesn't want to disappoint her mother.Tria stays at the school. At first she has to deal with a powerful and annoying roommate who wants everything her way, but things become much more serious. The the future of the school rely's on Tria and her powers. I didn't know what to expect when I picked this up at my library. I just thought it sounded good. But wow. . . . It was quite a wonderful read. It was much better than I thought it would be. I couldn't put it down and I really liked Tria. She did want the help of others a lot, but I think that's because she didn't believe in herself, she didn't believe she could do things on her own. But along the way, she learns a lot. And Lina, who is her roommate, I really didn't like her in the beginning at all. But as the story went on, she did become a bit likeable. This is really a quite a good read. I think anyone who likes magic or fantasy will enjoy this.