Stopping for a Spell: Three Fantasies - Diana Wynne Jones
This book contains three short stories. The first is about a chair who turns into a person and is very annoying. The second is about four grannies who are quite very different from one another, and the third is about a house guest who just won't leave.I've read a short story collection of Diana Wynne Jones' before and loved it; her short stories are wonderful and very unique. The ones in this book are also unique and a lot of crazy things happen in them. I enjoyed all of the stories, but I think Who Got Rid of Angus Flint is the one I like the best. But I will say that Chair Person and Angus Flint were both very annoying and I definitely wouldn't want to have to deal with them. I think I could handle the four grannies much better.Anyway, the stories in this were enjoyable and I really had a fun time reading them. It was always exciting to turn to the next page and find out what was happening next. It's a nice collection of short stories.