The Woman in Black - A Ghost Story - Susan Hill
Arthur Kips is a young attorney who is sent to a client's funeral. Then he is to sort out her papers and come back. But he realizes sorting out her papers will take longer than he thought, as it seems the woman kept everything.But Arthur soon finds something very strange with the house. He keeps hearing noises and seeing a woman dressed in black. His stay in the house leads to terrifying events that he never forgets.Honestly, the book started out slow and at first I wasn't much into the style of writing. But as the book progressed, the story became much more interesting and I ended up really liking the style of writing.I think this is supposed to be a horror book, but I didn't really find it all that scary. Some parts were definitely intense, though. The story felt to me like a mystery, with some paranormal activity thrown in. I love mysteries and paranormal stuff, so that was okay with me. There was really so much Arthur Kip didn't know about the house, or the client and no one in the town wanted to speak of it. Through his experiences and some papers he found at the house, he does eventually piece together some of the things that happened and learn more about the family who lived there. And at times, the book was hard to put down because I wanted to know about the family and why the haunting was going on there.Although I'm a bit disappointed that it wasn't really scary, I still think the book is quite good and it kept me interested the whole I read it. It has a good story and is well-written.