Owly, Vol. 1:  The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer - Andy Runton
In The Way Home, Owly finds a worm who was going to drown from all the rain and saves him. He learns that the worm wants to go back to his parents and Owly helps the worm find his parents. Then the worm decides that his home is now with Owly. In The Bittersweet Summer, Owly and the worm makes friends with the hummingbirds that have been hanging around their tree. They are sad when winter comes and the hummingbirds leave, but are happy to learn from a book that when spring comes, their friends will return again. There really isn't much to read in this book at all, it is mostly pictures, but the pictures do good enough of a job of telling the story. Owly, the worm and all their friends are so cute. I thought this was quite a sweet book and I really enjoyed it.