Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins
Sophie Mercer is a witch. Or so she thought.She's actually part demon, but even just being part makes her magic stronger than a witch's. And after seeing what a demon can do with that power, Sophie wants no part of it. She wants to the Removal, even if it will kill her, she just doesn't want her demon powers anymore.But Sophie's Dad, who has pretty much been absent all her life, wants to take her to London with him for the summer.But after arriving in London, Sophie discovers there are two more demons and Sophie she and her dad were the only ones.And things just keep getting stranger. Elodie ghost can see and speak to her and something is definitely going on with Hex Hall, but what? Sophie's key to finding out what's really going on is Archer Cross, but will she disobey her dad's orders to stay away? Wow. A lot, and I mean a lot happened in this book. So many surprises, twists and turns. It was intense at times. I got to know more abou the characters in this book and finally know a lot more about Sophie's dad. I actually really liked him. I thought he was a good character.I read through the book pretty quickly like the first and the ending was a cliffhanger again. I so badly want to know what happens next, but I know I'll have to wait for the third book. This book was just really great and nearing the end with everything that was going on, I got teary eyed. I'm really looking forward to the next book.