Geronimo and the Struggle for Apache Freedom - Russell Shorto
This book is about the life of Apache Warrior, Geronimo. It details his life from childhood, adulthood, his eventual capture and death.But the book also has some details on the Apache wars and some of the Apache chiefs.I not only learned a lot about Geronimo, but the Apaches as well. And like all Native tribes, some very horrible things happened to the Apaches. It really shouldn't shock me anymore when I read books like this, to read of American (Or in this book, Mexican, too) soldiers killing large numbers of Native Americans. Or in the brutal ways they were killed. It shouldn't shock me, but when I read this stuff, it still does.But I did learn a lot from this and it is a great book for children, or anyone who wants to learn more about Geronimo and the Apaches.