Sting: Moment of Truth - Steve a.k.a Sting Borden, George King, Sting
This book is about the life of professional wrestler Sting. It talks about his childhood, early start in wrestling, his wife and kids, the problems him and his wife had, later years in wrestling, how he found God and how he became a wrestler for TNA. The book is short so it moves along better fast and I really learned a lot about one of my favorite wrestlers. I really didn't know his marriage was in trouble for a lot of years and I know some might not like it, but he does talk about God a lot because God is what helped him get his life back on track. Overall, it is a nice book and gives you a look into Sting's life. Honestly though, I wish it was longer. I've read book by other wrestlers and they are much longer and give a lot more details, but this book was good even if it was a bit short.