The First Time - Jeff Coplon, Cher
The format is different than other biographies I've read, but I got used to it pretty quick. Every chapter, which is usually only a page or two long, is about the first of something that happened in Cher's life.I would say Cher's life is pretty amazing. She has done so much in her life and it was really interesting to read about. But I feel because of the format a lot was left out, or sometimes held back.I still think it is a good biography, there is a lot in it to learn about Cher's life and it really helped me to get to know and understand her better. I enjoyed reading the parts about Sonny. The things she said and how much his death affected her, you can tell she truly loved him. The book really shows that although she is very honest, she is also a very sensitive person who just wants to love and be loved.I enjoyed this. I think it'd be interesting if she'd make another biography.