Stone Heart: A Novel of Sacajawea -
I read this simply because I love reading anything about Sacajawea. There is not very much known about her, but I still read books about her in hope of finding out a bit of information I may not have known. Stone Heart was able to provide a bit of information I had not known before, as well as being an interesting read.No one knows the voice of Sacajawea or how she exactly felt during her life time. We only know what is in the journals of Lewis and Clark. And that just leaves me wondering, what was she like? I think the author did a good job trying to imagine what Sacajawea might have been like or felt. The author did her research and even went to some parts of the Lewis and Clark expedition to find Sacajawea's voice. We will never know if this is truly how Sacajawea was, but I still think the author did a wonderful job trying to imagine what this amazing woman was like.It was a great book and it included some writing from Lewis and Clark's journals. I recommend this book for anyone who likes to read about Sacajawea.