Tuck Everlasting - Natalie Babbitt
Winnie Foster is a 10 year girl and she is tired of being cooped up at her house. Winnie is an only child and her family is pretty well off. Winnie's parents and grandmother watch her almost always which makes it hard for her to have any friends. Winnie's only friend is the toad that she talks to when it comes close to her yard.Winnie wants to run away, experience life and do things that other children her age do. Winnie leaves her fenced in yard and wanders into the forest. There she meets a boy drinking water from a spring. Before Winnie knows it two other people come along and she is being taken back to their home. She doesn't know what's going on. Winnie thinks they must be 'kidnapping' her, but as confused as she is Winnie thinks her 'kidnappers' are nice and once she gets to know them she considers them her friends. While with the Tuck family Winnie learns a secret. A secret the Tuck family wants her to keep because they think no one should know of it. The Tuck family 80 years ago drank from a spring in the forest and since then have never aged, never get hurt and they don't die. I don't think there is any words that can express just how much I love this book. It is such an amazing book, I love Winnie and the Tuck family. This books deals with issues like death and mortality, the down side to living forever. The story is excellent, very heartwarming, so sad at parts and beautifully written.