Who Killed My Daughter? - Lois Duncan
Who Killed My Daughter? is the true story of Lois Duncan's daughter's murder.In July of 1989 Eighteen year old Kaitlyn Arquette was chased and shot to death. The police believe it was a random shooting, but the Arquette family believes it was because she knew somethings she shouldn't of. This is book is about her death, the investigation surrounding it, the events following her death and the family searching for the truth of why Kaitlyn was murdered.This is the first book I've read by Lois Duncan and I became interested in reading it after reading about the author herself. I knew she was the author of Hotel for Dogs, I know What You Did Last Summer and many other books. I do have a few other books by this author, but haven't read them yet. I can tell, though, from reading this book that Lois Duncan is a very good writer. She knows how to write very well, knows exactly what words to chose, how to describe the doings on, her feelings and everything. The book very, very well-written.Before reading this book I read several reviews and some were saying that it hooked them in the beginning but then grew boring and they didn't like the psychic readings, that's what turned them off. The book kept my interest from beginning to end and the psychic readings didn't bother me. I know a lot about psychics and the paranormal. I do truly believe that there are people out with good psychic abilities that can help others.I know this was a hard book to write, probably the hardest of her life, but the fact that Lois Duncan was able to write this book and to share with others the tragedy her whole family experienced shows she is a strong woman and is determined to find the people who murdered her daughter.While reading this I felt like I knew Kaitlyn, Lois and the whole family. The way Duncan writes makes you feel that way and you feel as if you are there, experiencing this tragedy with them. Reading the book was sort of a life changing experience for me. I can't find the words to explain how, I can only say that it was a life changing experience.I pray and truly believe that Kaitlyn's murders will found. And when they are, I know it will probably be in the sequel to this book.