The Princess and the Goblin - George MacDonald
Princess Irene was never allowed out after dark because of the goblins. But of course, she did not know this. One day she is out with her nurse and they stay out a bit too late and begin to hear things. Then, they meet Curdie, who helps them home.But soon enough, Princess Irene finds out about the goblins and must stop them.When I was a kid, I watched The Princess and The Goblin cartoon movie. I remember loving it and watching it quite often. I haven't seen it in many years, but I remember the movie fondly. Recently I was looking online for the movie and found out that it was originally a book. My library had it and I decided to borrow it.It was really quite a lovely book. I liked Curdie and Princess Irene. Irene was very brave for her age and did things that princesses don't normally do.I was really happy to read this and I think this is a really great book for children, as well as adults.